Tuesday, July 29, 2014

EWH Visits Chicago

So I haven't been going on many hikes lately but recently I had the chance to go to Chicago and I did some urban hiking around that great city. A 15-20 minute walk in any direction in the downtown area will get you to interesting places, the lake, the rivers, hot dogs.

The City does a great job providing the Lakefront trail so people could walk, ride bikes, etc. and enjoy the beautiful outdoor weather. I walked up and down the trail many a time during my stay in Chicago and it was a great way to experience the city and one of the great lakes.

The lake is the biggest feature of the city and despite being in Illinois, looks almost tropical from up high.

The great Chicago River also is a prominent feature and there is a great RiverWalk Trail that I hiked around during one day.

Just to be sure to hold onto your hats, they don't call Chicago the Windy City for nothing!

The city really blends in with the natural environment and has a lot of open space so while it is urban, you don't feel closed in by the buildings.

Of course, it also doesn't hurt if your city looks like the set of Bladerunner:

I absolutely loved my time in Chicago and can't wait to get back. There is a lot more explorin' left to be done!

Trip to Chicago, recapped!


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