Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Desperation Hiking- Baldwin Hills Edition

It must be no secret, oh those few people who still read this blog that I have not been going on many adventures lately. Granted, my life has been busier recently, I am getting married, work has been intense and it is Summertime here in SoCal which means its hot out for almost any hike and when the only benefit you are receiving is sweating, well that is not much of a benefit.

If I am being honest with myself, I also have lacked the drive to take my hiking out of neutral and put it into even first gear. There are several short hikes around LA but even those have not tempted me.

However work and life finally got to me. I HAD to go hiking, even if it was at Baldwin Hills State Park, which, well, has some issues.

At the end of the day however, it WAS worth it to go. Even with hundreds of people working out, doing the 282 steps, etc. there were still moments of peace on the trail and as you can hopefully make out from the pictures that the park does give you pretty views.

It got me out and about and I dare say that I am now in 1st gear again hiking-wise. There have been some hikes I have been itching to do around the Southland including Baldy and a hike in the Antelope Valley. I also want to hit up Monrovia again in the Fall and several other trails are springing to mind. Now I WANT to go on hikes so thank you Baldwin Hills, thank you for getting me going.


  1. I noticed. But I wasn't going to judge. Glad you are making it out at all!


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