Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cool San Gabriel Contest

Hey everyone, its been awhile since I blogged (too hot to hike) but its not too hot to enter this cool contest for the San Gabriel National Monument!

Sponsored by the National Forest Foundation, all you have to do is talk about your time at the Monument and email a link to the post to the head cheese of the NFF. That's it! Pretty simple eh?

Check out all the contest rules below and get to enterin'!

San Gabriel Mountains National Monument Blog Contest

This contest will highlight the recreation opportunities and community connections at the Monument as well as feature local voices in Southern California.


  • Share a story featuring ways to experience the monument
  • Explore the connection between diverse, underserved or other communities and the Monument
Have fun with the post! We want to help spread the word about the amazing opportunities at the Monument.


Deadline: Friday, October 16
Length: 750 words or less; 3-5 photos
How to enter (complete both steps)
  1. Post story to your blog with the tags “National Forest Foundation” and “San Gabriel Mountains National Monument.”
  2. Email link to Vance Russell at vrussell@nationalforests.org with subject line "CA Blog Contest."

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

EWH Visits Seattle

I have lived in cities for most of my adult life and have been going outdoors to the mountains that surround those cities but I have yet to experience a city that is so integrated with those mountains and streams!

Of course, you can't HELP but be reminded of the mountains with Mt Rainier looming over everything. Look up there is a jagged white hulk looming over the South. It is so jaw dropping I am surprised Seattle-ites don't have more jaw problems.

Of course, its not just about downtown Seattle, mere minutes to the East there are the Cascades and so many mountains you can shake a stick at them.

Aside from the mountains, Puget Sound is everywhere. Much like San Fran, the sense of water is everywhere with many bridges and boats.

Seattle is so far North that during the summertime the light stays for hours and hours after its bedtime and gets up really early. It might screw up your circadian rhythm but its worth it for shots like this.

Overall I loved Seattle. Loved the vibe, loved the weather (well at least in the Summer) and loved how much it was a part of the outdoors. Get yo'self to Seattle!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

EWH Reviews Revant Elite Mirrorshields

Those folks at Revant, they never stop improving their products and who am I to stop them? I was a huge fan of their HC3 replacement lenses for my Oakleys so when they said they had a new Elite lens for me to try out, I jumped at the chance.

Don't get me wrong, Oakley lenses are pretty great but I like my Revant's better and their price point is far far less than what Oakley will get from ya. The clarity that these lenses give you, while not imposing a grey fog over everything is the real key. I don't feel like I am wearing sunglasses while using these lenses which I think is the biggest compliment I can pay them.

So how were the elites?

I used the Elites on the trail in Seattle, on a golf course darkened by redwoods and also while I was tooling around Seattle staring at the water and in each light condition they worked great! The lens is just as good or better as the HC3 which was pretty darn good to begin with. If you want to change things up with your Oakley (or your Ray Ban or your Smith or your, well you get the idea), then Revant is the way to go!

For more info on the lenses check it out here: https://www.revantoptics.com/

The Oakley shades were provided by Revant for review purposes. I get no benefit whether you buy Oakley products or shop at Revant, its life, make your own decisions. I try to review things as honestly as possible but it is the internet, take everything with a grain of salt, thanks.

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