Sunday, December 1, 2019

Vasquez Rocks Revisited

Vasquez Rocks are iconic rock formations in the Antelope Valley that you have probably seen a million times in movies and TV shows. Just because a piece of the outdoors is famous doesn't mean it isn't a killer hiking spot and I recently went back to Vasquez and rediscovered the gem that it is!

Also there was a snow. Snow! Recent winter storms had brought the snowline down to about 3,000 feet and with the park sitting at about 2,800 feet in elevation you better believe I found some snow on my hike.

This time in the park I took the Horse Trail and there are a ton of nooks and crannies off the main trail that you can explore. One of my favorite places in the entire park requires knowing where a particular goat trail is and navigating some boulders but the end result is this view.

In general the Horse Trail is a little rough but plenty of fun (and yes there are reminders that horses take that trail so watch your step!

What I dug most about the park is that while there are plenty of people there enjoying the outdoors, there are plenty of trails to get lost on and enjoy the solitude of nature. What I especially liked was that I wanted to go back. Sure the hikes may last anywhere from 1-4 miles (depending on the loops you take, etc.) but they are FUN trails and putting a little bit of nip in the air with snow covered peaks and I am going back to Vasquez sooner rather than later. Here are a few extra shots for ya:

For more info about Vasquez, be sure to check out this link:


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