Thursday, June 19, 2014

EWH Answers Some Questions- Liebster Award Edition

The man making love to the mattress on the picnic table is Jeff, the SoCal Hiker. Jeff has become a good buddy over the years and we have gone on several hiking adventures. He also has a knack for finding cool hiking related things on the internet including this weirdo thing called a Blogstocken, kinda a blog chain letter to let people know more about you and your blog.

I know everyone is "clamoring" to know more about me so here you go!

1) What was your most recent walk, hike or run?

It was hiking the new Catalina Trail. It is a little weird to think about but there aren't a lot of new trails nowadays. Most have been carved out of the mountains many moons ago so to see and experience a brand-spanking-new trail was a real treat.

2) What is in your daypack right now?

The 10 Essentials (never leave home without them) and a sit pad (there are no barcaloungers on the trail). I tend to be a creature of habit and take the same stuff with me all the time but I am actively working on a portable s'more making machine and once that is accomplished, watch out (stomach)!

3) What is the one third-party app on your smartphone that you would never uninstall?

When I had an Android, it was all about Google Sky. Now that I am an iphone dude, it is all about Star Chart. It is a must have not only for the trail but for your life. Your life needs more astronomy, there I said it.

4) What is your favorite local trail?

I have said it before and I will say it again, get thyself to Monrovia Canyon park. You want a true East Coast Fall, the park will give it to ya. You want a great waterfall trail but don't want insane crowds? Check out the park. The trail is one of the most stimulating visually I can recommend without being high in the Sierras, get yourself there.

5) Name your favorite outdoor-inspired book or movie?

127 Hours. A great movie (great directing by Danny Boyle, a great score, great cinematography) with great outdoor adventures (plus some arm severing). Don't be squeamish, that particular scene isn't that bad and shouldn't stop you from seeing a great outdoor movie.

6) If time and money were no object, what is your dream adventure trip?

I have never seen the Southern Cross and what better place to see it than Patagonia at the famous W circuit and hike hut to hut? I hope time and money both become my friends so I can do this awesome adventure.

7) Describe your earliest memory of outdoor adventure.

It is not my earliest memory but my favorite. My dad climbed a bunch of 46ers and when I got old enough, he and I went up and climbed Big Slide. I remember a lot about that day.

8) What in the name of all that is holy compels you to write your blog?

I think what compels me is to bring my "own" take to the outdoor space. I want to write about my adventures in a way that is appealing to me and hopefully to other people rather than the standard dry trip reports that are out there. I basically want to entertain myself and I hope you are similarly entertained.

9) If you could spend a weekend camping with one person no longer living, who would it be and why?

My dad for what should be obvious reasons but for also a non-obvious one, I want to see if we can keep our "it will rain while we are camping" streak going.

10) Looking into a crystal ball, where to you hope we will find you in five years?

Doing the same thing, heading to the outdoors, writing about and enjoying my life. I wish the same for everyone!

11) How many times do you plan to hit me with a Blogstocken for nominating you?

3 times, it is my favorite number after all. If everyone ends up hitting Jeff with the Blogstocken, it might end up like this.

Ok that's it, I hope this journey into the heart of my darkness has been illuminating!


  1. Awesome answers, Pete! Always entertaining.

    I have yet to check out Monrovia Falls -- it's on my list, but I may wait until we get some actual precipitation.


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