Sunday, May 25, 2014

Revisiting the Adirondacks

As many of you may know, I have a Twitter handle @ADKinLA and other than trying to do linguistic gymnastics to pronounce it, most don't know what it means. While I grew up outside the Adirondacks, I always considered them a second home as my family has deep roots there. I have had many a visit to cold lakes, cloud covered peaks and run-ins with mosquitos that frequent the Park although not as much recently as I have moved to Los Angeles (thus the ADK (Adirondack ([ADK] in LA).

So whenever I get a chance to get back East, I am always chomping at the bit to see what is shaking in my favorite park. Recently I went up to the Lake George area and while many were entranced by the 6, 324 miniature golf courses that reside in LG, for me, I was there for the vistas and the clean mountain air.

The Park is an interesting experiment, can people and the "wilds" co-exist with each other? The dynamic is stark in a town like Lake George where neon signs compete with wild mountains but if I can get mountain vistas AND an ice cream cone, who am I to complain?

 One things that is definitely different between the Adirondacks and Los Angeles is the weather. The weather seems to change every 10 minutes, downpours were had today along with sunny skies. LA just seems to truck along with sunny and 72 which has its benefits (especially in the Wintertime).

Ferries like this one used to be the lifeblood of the big Adirondack lakes. Once steam power got going, there were huge boats used to transport visitors and goods up and down the lake. Nowadays, its all tourists for an hour but maybe they will give you a monocle and cane to get you back into the spirit of the olden times.

It wouldn't be a trip the Adirondacks without some moose action. Few people know it but I am moose buff so when I see antlers or anything else moose-tastic, you know I am taking a shot.

Moose, neon and mountains aside, it was great coming "home" to the ADKs, if only for a short while. No matter where you go on the trail of life, the first mountain you climb will always be as special as the last one you just did. Hats off to you Lake George, now give me some more of that mountain air... and some fried dough.


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