Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Suffering Through the Springtime Blahs

(This is what I have been up to recently)

What, its April already? Seriously space-time, get your act together and slow down a bit will ya?

The flowers are blooming (or have bloomed if you are here in SoCal) and life is moving on. Sadly, I have not been in the mountains (or the hills, or a flat dirt strip by the gas station) for several weeks and have been feeling a little blah about adventuring.

This rut is not uncommon it seems. Teton Sports recently did an article on how to break out of the Springtime rut. They have great suggestions which speak to me since I haven't felt like being EXTREME when it comes to outdoors adventures lately.

(I am tackling mountains, mountains of cabbage)

So how do I get back my get-up-and-go? I think the first step is to find a short trail that I love and do it. I have done enough of the trails here in SoCal to know which ones I like and I don't want any guessing games, I want a solid outdoor experience, guaranteed. What that trail is, I am not quite sure yet but ideas are percolating.

The second step is do an easy-ish trail that I haven't done before. As much as I love the Verdugos, I haven't done all of them and I need to check out the trails coming out of Strough Canyon Park.

The third is to get back onto the trail with my buddies.

The Wilderness Travel Course was great, I learned a lot but the best part was making friends with Karl, Jaime and Mike. They make the trail miles go by super quick and I can't wait to get back out there with them.

I also just got some sweet shades from this action sports company called Blackleaf and I can't wait to try em out! I will certainly report to you about them and as Teton Sports says, sometimes new gear will shake you out of the Spring blahs and I will put that to the test!


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