Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Eating Bag Food

Do you remember the first time you ate freeze dried food? For me, it was eating astronaut ice cream (what, I can eat the same food as astronauts???) while camping out with my dad.

A lot of people eat freeze dried food in camp and on the trail (although if you eat it in every day life, I can't help ya) and for most people, they eat MountainHouse or Backpacker's Pantry. These two are the heavyweights in the industry, on the shelves of REI and other outdoor retailers like Lucky Charms on the shelves of grocery stores.

As ubiquitous as these two brands are, I have never been partial to their wares. Don't get me wrong, if you get between my beef stroganoff and my spoon we are going to have a problem. However, the taste of most other of their stuff doesn't light a fire with me PLUS these brands are pretty high in sodium.

MountainHouse has taken steps in this regard by starting to offer lower sodium choices although the choices are limited. http://www.mountainhouse.com/M/category/MHLSD.html

Due to this gap, I have been looking into smaller manufactures of foodstuffs. In other aspects of the outdoor industry people looking for something other than North Face have gravitated toward "cottage" manufactures of backpacks, sleeping bags, etc. There has been less development in the food business but there are small guys cranking out good food.

Like Hawk's Vittles. Hawk lives in NY and makes great freeze dried food using items like bison instead of beef and natural vegetables. Its healthier for ya and best of all tastes better (at least to my taste buds).

The downside is that small guys don't get on the shelves so when you go to Bass Pro you won't see them there. If you don't mind shopping online, check them out. Even if you just get one bag, it probably won't set you back much and try em out.

If you want to check out Hawk's Vittles, here you go: http://hawkvittles.com

This post is written in partnership with WiseJack Cooking, a new cooking website for guys which you should check out here: www.wisejackcooking.com I will be writing more about the food I use on the trail and I look forward to trying our your suggestions or recipes, let me know! 


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