Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Reviewing The TAD Force 10 AC Cargo Pant

Hiking gear is a tricky thing. How do you get the best gear for the best price? There, of course, is the maxim that you "get what you pay for" so sometimes the best long term option means short term financial pain.

For those familiar with Triple Aught Design products, you are well aware of short term pain. Their gear is expensive and while it does't go into the stratosphere like some other brands, the price will make you think twice about what you are looking at.

However, what if what you were looking at was the best of the best, does that change your calculation?

I have been circling TAD for awhile but finally took the plunge (via Santa) on a pair of pants and boy am I glad I did. You don't really hear "comfort" bandied about on hiking pants. Most are made of nylon (or parachute pants as I call em) and fall more into the "serviceable" categories rather than any other category.

These pants are a game changer in that they are so damn comfortable! I often wear them around the house as "lounge wear".

I also DO wear them on the trail and they are as rugged as advertised.

Previous pants that had slight contact with brush or scrambling down butt first develop rips and nicks but so far these pants have performed beautifully. The only slight negative is that the pants have a tie to cinch the bottom of the pants and I am still trying to figure that out in order to get more airflow to the leg area.

Really digging the pants as much as I do makes me more secure in making other purchases from TAD as their line of gear is impressive.

Check out the TAD pants here! http://store.tripleaughtdesign.com/Apparel/Pants-And-Shorts/Force-10-AC-Cargo-Pant


  1. Great review - I just ripped my normal go-to hiking pants - I'll take a closer look at TAD for sure when I go to replace them.


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