Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Toughest Socks Ever? Keen Durazone Reviewed!

The great Campfire Chic provided all of us bloggers with some Keen Dura Zone socks for our recent campout. As you can see from the packaging, these socks are tough. How tough? 15x stronger than steel. Whoa, better not take these through an airport metal detector ;)! 

I tried out a pair during a recent camping trip and aside from their strength, these things really are soft and felt good on a hike. It is kinda weird to have a right and left sock

but it makes sense, after all the seems will fall differently on your big toe versus your little toe so why not have have the socks stitched to the way your feet really are rather than one size fits all? Do you want more seem action? Of course you do! The bottom seem is on the bottom of the socks so you won't get rubbing or "hot spots" on your feet.

I have a pair of boots that, while great, often cause my big toes to feel "hot" and sometimes blister. I have tried many a pair of socks while hiking, some with more padding, some with less but on the short hike I took with these guys, my dogs were not barking. They felt really good (all that wool went to a good purpose) and no issues with my boots. I think I am sold on these socks.

Double bonus? They are guaranteed for life so if Superman bends the steel, Keen will replace them for ya. I think that is a pretty sweet insurance policy. 

I was provided these socks in order to review them. I try to review things as honestly as possible but its the Internet, take everything with a grain of salt and try to learn from it what you can. I don't get any compensation whether you buy this stuff or not. 


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