Tuesday, April 8, 2014

EWH Gets His Groove Back, Debs Style

Ahhh the Debs. A great hillside here in the City of Los Angeles which will get you out and about in wilderness without leaving the city. I love the Debs, especially for its pine trees

and uncrowded trails.

I especially dig that this easy trail got me back out on the trail. I have been in a Spring funk and going out on an easy-ish trail, just me, was just what I needed. Especially since the Debs are a hidden gem, one I have detailed many times but came to the fore to me while hiking.

The views that you get of the surrounding mountains are amazing

and the views of the city aren't so shabby either

While the Debs is a hidden gem, there are also hidden gems within gems, especially a sweet lake

(gem wheels within gem wheels)

The park, while small has varied terrain and trails and I always recommend it if you don't have the time to venture further afield

I like the Debs and it made me like hiking again. Consider me a fan.


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