Tuesday, April 15, 2014

EWH Reviews Oakley Sunglasses

I recently got a chance to try out Oakley sunglasses on the trail. Usually, the sunglasses I use are el cheapos, under $50 and while they work, they have issues. I have issues with fogging, I have issues with clarity, my issues have issues!

So it was really interesting to try out expensivo sunglasses and see what the differences are. Suffice to say, they are startling.

The first thing I notice about these Oakley puppies is the clarity of the lenses. Anytime in Southern California can be sunny, which is both a blessing and a curse. Unlike the inexpensive sunglasses, these guys are crystal clear out on the trail, both in sunny and shady settings.

The second think I noticed was the lack of fogging. I am not a sweaty guy but you know if you are huffing and puffing up a trail, your glasses can become fogged. Some sunglasses negative this but having vents. Oakley just removes the lower part of the sunglasses so you don't "hotbox" yourself (trademark pending).

These glasses are "sporty" looking and the particular pair I had (the Half Jacket) are definitely for smaller faces so you may want to check sizings for your face. The sunglasses might not serve you well in all social situations but they sure look great on the trail!

Once they are on your face they are lightweight but very tough. I was impressed by these shades, they were a HUGE upgrade over the el cheapos.

These sunglasses came from the great folks at Blackleaf.

Blackleaf is a UK company and they cater to the action sports enthusiast in the UK and abroad. I am in the US but I was impressed by the responsiveness of Blackleaf and will definitely be checking them out for my adventure needs. You should too!

The Oakley shades were provided by Blackleaf for review purposes. I get no benefit whether you buy Oakley products or shop at Blackleaf, its life, make your own decisions. I try to review things as honestly as possible but it is the internet, take everything with a grain of salt, thanks.


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