Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hiking The Secret Trails Of The Verdugos

If you read this blog enough you should have the sense by now that one of my favorite mountain ranges in SoCal that I hike time and time again are the Verdugos in Glendale. I only blog about them "ever so often" but despite all the time I have logged in those mountains, I haven't covered EVERY trail. Come with me now, won't you, while we explore some of the lesser known trails of my favorite mountain range.

7 Trees Trail

(seven trees if you squint)

I have been eyeing this one for awhile. Starting on the far East of the park, the trail is accessed "behind the library"

or via the Brand Motorway. Brand is easier, the Library trail is harder so you know I decided to take the harder way :(. The harder way follows the ridgeline going up to a 7 Trees plateau and it is hot and steep and I knew it complete when I wore a younger man's clothes.

Perhaps one of the best sites of all that trudging are coming up to 2 of the seven trees and you know you are almost home.

Once you get to the plateau the whole of LA opens up before you (at least on a non-hazy day) and man is this a pretty hike.

Once you are up here, you can go up to the Verdugos on a steep use trail or head back to the Brand motorway over a nice trail with some spectacular gully shots

(unspectacular gully shot)

Weirdo Cemetery Trail

I have been eyeing this trail for awhile. This trail winds its way through a gully between 2 of the mountains and keeps going back as far as you want to go. I only made it part way as I turned back due to the only instances of poison oak that I have seen in the Verdugos but the foliage

and housing/industry remains makes this an eerie and strange hike.

There are a few more trails in the Verdugos I hope to explore over the next few months but these helped satiate my new trails lust for the time being!


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