Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Game Michael Douglas Should Have Played

We are at least metaphorical children of the 90s right? I mean whether you grew up with the Gin Blossoms being your favorite band or had a kid or younger sibling whose favorite band was the Gin Blossoms, I am willing to bet most readers here experienced the 90s in one way or another.

So therefore, who doesn't remember that weird, psychological 90's movie The Game? A rich guy, who is bored with life gets kidnapped, gets thrown in a coffin in Mexico, crashes through a ceiling or 2 and then Deborah Kara Unger comes out and looks all weird and sad and then happy (my summation skills are AWESOME!)? Well it turns out all of these things happened because they were part of a real-world adventure game where the protagonist, played by Michael Douglas, didn't know what was coming next but certainly kicked him out of his lethargy and into adventure-time.

This movie came to mind when I found out about a Choose Your Own Adventure game/app that is currently being crowd-funded on IndieGoGo. Ethos Adventures has put together a simple but enticing concept. You pay them money, you tell them you general fitness level and then they plan a surprise outdoorsy adventure where you do tons of stuff! In a nice synergy with our times, apparently you make decisions via an App which has multiple outcomes

so you can start at the same place but end up at a completely different result. Say for example we both start in Pasadena, you go off on a hike then bike ride then some horse riding. I meanwhile might do some picture taking and then some eating a donut shop. Adventure!

It is a cool concept which seems like its on its way to reality as they have raised about 25% of their financing goal with 26 days left to go. I can't vouch for Laura and you always take a risk with crowdfunding but this is a cool outdoors idea which definitely deserves some of your time poking around its IndieGoGo Page. I think Michael Douglas would be intrigued.

Info on the campaign:

EastWestHike does not endorse this campaign but is certainly intrigued by it. Disclaimed! 


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