Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Remember The Fallen

When you are out on the trail all by yourself admiring the views, it is tough to remember that many people made that experience possible. There were government personnel that planned for the trail, a trail crew that cut the trail and maintained the trail and then there are firefighters that fight the fires in these wild spaces, defending lives, property and the outdoors when fire strikes a region (which it often does here in the dry West).

As you have probably heard, 19 firefighters lost their lives over the weekend fighting a fire in the wilds of Arizona. To catch you up to speed, here is the latest from Outside Online: http://www.outsideonline.com/news-from-the-field/19-Hotshots-Die-In-Arizona.html

It is bad enough if one firefighter loses their life and several do each year in the US, but 19 at one time magnifies that terribleness and leaves you with a feeling of what can be done for the families left behind.

If you want to donate to local Prescott Arizona charities, follow this link which will let you know the various ways you can send checks and money: http://prescottaz.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&ArticleID=120806

If you want to donate on the national level to a fund that helps families of fallen firefighters, follow this link to a non-profit charity: http://wffoundation.org/

Donate if you can but in any event next time you are on the trail, take a second to remember all the people that made that trail possible.


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