Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Dream Hike

I have gone on a bunch of hikes over my years but where would I most like to go?

There are so many hikes to choose from. Do I want to go to


Maybe. I have always wanted to see and hike the Alps. And I am a big fan of cheese and trains. Plus the village I want to see the most (Wengen) has the most charming chalets and no cars allowed (what is this the 1600's?). Sign me up.

How about...


A true classic on the West coast. So many platitudes, so much history of American conservation all wrapped up into one place. One would be crazy not to go on a hike in this classic of Americana.



Land of a thousand treks. Buddhism, impossibly tall peaks, yetis. This place has it all. Yet can you actually get around without a Chinese minder? Having read an awesome book about Trekking in Tibet, its clear the land in beautiful but the politics are not. Maybe I will put it off for awhile.

Naw, where I think I will go is....


This place looks like it has it all. Impossibly good views, a variety of sounds of the outdoors in the variety of lodging/camping options, and the smells and tastes of a two pounder at Jaspers ? Sign me up!This place has it all and it so unique that it is tops on my list.
Honorable mention goes to Leavenworth. The Alps of America. This place looks like it has some killer trails and great Bavarian food to match. 

Also special mention goes to the John Muir Trail. I just got my trail atlas from Erik The Black and most realistically it is the trail I am going on next year of all the ones mentioned.


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