Friday, August 5, 2011

Catching Up With Adventure Hiking

Last night was yet another episode of Expedition Impossible. Of course, as you Twitter-followers might know, I am rooting hard for Team No Limits, which includes the awe inspiring Erik Weihenmayer (the blind hiker who climbed Everest), his long time hiking buddy, guide Jeff and their buddy Ike, a purple heart decorated solider who went back to Afghanistan right after the show.

How can you NOT root for this team?

So despite the ridiculous challenges like fishing for cages off the side of a mountain, the show really does a good job putting you into an adventure race where the teams have to battle the elements. I really had no idea about adventure racing until this show but now I want race and race badly.

I am not a racer by nature (running on a treadmill, forget it) and I am competitive but not ultra-competitive (why can't we have s'mores for everyone?) and I haven't worn a bib since I was 1. Still, to be in the rugged outdoors and to push yourself to see what you can do? Sign me the HECK up!

Check out some of these bad boys:

Want to go racing in Canada eh? Check out Raid The North! Teams paddle, mountain bike, and trek, often negotiate fixed ropes, and sometimes swim or raft for 130-150 km (that's like 6 miles in U.S. Math right?). PLus you get to experience the rugged Canadian Northwest, looks awesome.

Racing in Patagonia? I only know the clothing line mateys but of course as I have gotten more interested in this enchanting landscape. Adventure racing? Of course! As the website says, 15 days, 10 days, 1 true wilderness. Sign me up!

Want to adventure race closer to home, check out the official US Adventure Racing Association.

They have links for clubs over all over the US. Thanks to Team No Limits, I want to race in the great outdoors. Who's coming with me?


  1. Wow this looks awesome! I didn't really know about adventure racing beforehand either, but you've got me hooked haha. Patagonia is so gorgeous. It's one of my life-list trips. Nice new posts :)


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