Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Pack Review? A Pack Review

I don't normally review gear on my site. Mainly because no one sends me gear but really, I don't get much gear. Over the last few years I have accumulated bits and pieces, cobbling it together with a little duct tape here, some new socks there. Etc.

However, I finally stepped up to the plate and got myself a new pack.

Behold, the LL Bean Escape Day Pack (moose sold separately).

It replaces my old LL Bean Pack which was given to me by my dad many, many years ago. While not an Osprey, Mamut or other type of high end pack, it shares those qualities with ventilation systems on the back, its really lightweight and it can accommodate up to three pins (as important an attribute as any)!

I took the pack to Eaton Canyon (check out the adventures here: EATON CANYON) and it performed really well.  Light on the back, lots of pockets for water and trail gear. Most impressively, the weight was distributed really well. Nothing was jutting up against my back and all the weight was distributed equally with me only thinking about it for 2 seconds before dumping in a pack.

Best of all, the pack is a lot cheaper than those other aforementioned packs. For the budget conscious consumer, it gets a hardy ADKinLA Thumbs Up!


  1. Regard packs, I always say, to each their own. Personally, I am one of the antiquated few that prefer hiking with an external frame backpack if I am going to be out overnight. I like the balance and the ventilation. I've tried internals and just don't feel right in them.

    Kudos to you for trying something new and enjoying it.


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