Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Getting Ready For Baldy

One of the tallest mountains in Southern California is Mt. Baldy a/k/a Mount San Antonio.  Just a hop skip and a jump away from LA, the mountain looms 10,000 feet over Los Angeles and is often snowcapped when the rest of LA is lounging by the pool.

As some of you know, I am going to hike up Baldy to help veterans with the Climbing For Heroes campaign. However, I have not been exactly tackling mountains like Baldy recently so I decided to dust off my hiking legs and hike a really challenging hike to get myself in shape for all Bald-cap.

See that? Its not the sun its the moon, that's how early I started on this hike but something about the early morning air got me going and I motored up the trail to the ruins of the Echo Mountain hotel.

From there the "real" hike began, making my way up through cold canyons with pine trees and gaining elevation in a very short amount of time, making for very tired calves. Still, some of the best views of the one you earn and when I see views like this, suddenly my calves don't feel so tired.

The trail ends at Inspiration Point, which at that day was above the clouds and glorious.

I won't lie, this hike was to clean up the cogs of my hiking machine moreso than enjoying nature or the beauty of the trail. Still, being up there nature bullies its way into your mind no matter.

As much as I like vistas, I think I might like clouds even better and on the way down the trail, I got my fill.

I feel pumped for Baldy after such a great hike up to Inspiration Point and can't wait for the views on top of the mountain. If you want to help out, please donate to my page and help out a worth cause, thanks!



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