Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Outdoor Gift Guide

Its the Holidays! Wait, when did that happen? Seriously, wasn't it just Labor Day? Well, if there is one benefit to the year flying by is that we are that much closer to the holiday season with plenty of gifts for those lucky outdoor girls and boys.

The outdoor industry has been turning out better products, for lower prices for several years now and I would like to spotlight three companies that you can get really super duper gear for a fraction of the North Face/Mountain Hardwear costs.

Terramar Climasense Shirts:

I have been hearing about Terramar's new Climasense for over a year but haven't had a chance to try for myself until just recently. This shirt is quite simply, amazing. It is soft (something you don't often find in synthetics) and really does "thermoregulation" (say that five times fast). I have found that a lot of synthetic shirts wick away moisture but don't really make you cool on hot days or are too thin for cool days. I don't know what they make these shirts out of:

but for the first time in a long time, I was cool on the trail and warm in the shade. Yes SoCal has made me soft but this shirt makes me comfortable.

(double bonus, the shirt looks good with a bandana!)

More info about the shirt can be found here: http://www.terramarsports.com/product/W8611?productsearch=climasense&page=1

Teton Sports Tracker Sleeping Bag:

Teton Sports (based in Utah) might be one of the most interesting companies I have run across. Initially a company that made inexpensive outdoor equipment for the peeps, they are now making more equipment for hardcore hikers and outdoors peeps but keeping inexpensive prices. They are also some of the friendliest peeps I have ever run across and I have now won $100 for using peeps in multiple sentences.

The Tracker 5 bag is an example of inexpensive yet amazing outdoor equipment. It is made with space-age materials, feels like no other sleeping bag you have ever felt (do you feel a lot of sleeping bags, what type of person are you?) and most importantly, keeps you warm. It is a super solid bag.

Teton embodies the ethic that great gear that will protect you and does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Every year the Marmots and Patagonia's of the world put out products that are only slightly better and much more expensive than last year's products and frankly it is boring. I am never bored by Teton and I can't wait to see what they come out with next.

More info about the bag here: http://www.tetonsports.com/Sleeping-Bags/Ultralight/Tracker-5.htm

Revant Optics Replacement Lenses:

Sunglasses are expensive. Stupid expensive. You are also stuck with the sunglasses you buy, say you want different lenses, different colors, often you are out of luck. Revant Optics has stepped in to fill the void with very reasonably priced lenses.

I have written about their HC3 Lenses before and both want to reiterate how awesome these lenses are but also talk about the other lenses I have tried from them.

These are the clearest lenses I have ever owned and really work well with my Oakley shades on the trail.

I recently got a chance to try out their HD glasses

Boy do these things make the colors pop on your Oakleys! Revant, you have done it again, super quality lenses for the masses and a must have if you have sunglasses needing an upgrade.

For more info about Revant Optics, check out this link: https://www.revantoptics.com/
Also, during December, Revant is having daily deals announced on their Facebook page so check it out! https://www.facebook.com/RevantOptics


I am either am an ambassador for or am an enthusiastic supporter of the companies above and have been provided gear for review purposes. I really am stoked about all of these products and think you should check them out but this is the Internet, take everything with a grain of salt and make your own assessments. I receive no compensation whether you buy these things or not, I hope you just get enjoyment out of them.  


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