Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hiking the Secret Spots Of The Western Verdugos

Long time readers of this blog know about my undying love of the Verdugo mountains in Glendale California. Mountains in the City, how can you beat that? Not with a stick let me tell ya.

The only part of the Verdugos that I have not explored in-depth are the Western parts, the La Tuna Canyon parts, which consists of a slowly rising hills meeting up with the mighty slopes of the mountains.

The first part of the West Verdugos is pretty straightforward. Your typical Southern California fireroad.

The fireroad winds its way up over 800 feet to a ridgeline  and then continues tracking East toward the mountains.

Sure you get great views by going up this trail:

but what you really want, neigh what you need is to hear about the secret spots of these Western Verdugos.

Secret Spot Numero Uno- Pole of Mystery! 

The Western Verdugos have tons of goat trails and old disused trails.

Most of the goat trails are steep and you would have to be insane to go on them rather than the straightforward fireroad (as boring as that could be)

(seriously, that's a trail?)

However, some of these goat trails can lead to fun places, exhibit A is the mysterious telephone pole.

Accessible from a goat trail about 2.5 miles in, this pole rises up like a specter. What is it, an old electric pole or telephone pole, or even maybe a telegraph pole? Maybe its the last outpost of a Viking trip to SoCal.

Whatever this pole is or was, it is a great spot to take in the views of LA and the mountains that surround you. Its a great secret spot in the Western Verdugos.

Secret Spot Numero Dos- Colored Rocks! 

I have never had the fortune of going to the canyons of Utah but if I ever had a chance to do so, I bet they would look something like you encounter on the trail in the Western Verdugos.

Most fireroads are dusty, wide open affairs. However, there is one section of the trail, and you will know which one, where the soil is different, the air is different  and the trail is different. All of a sudden, crazy rocks start appearing due to erosion or just to the strength of their own will.

Whatever the cause, the results are spectacular, you only have to look down.

Secret Spot Numero Tres - Picnic Table Of Solitude! 

About 3 miles or so on the trail in the Western Verdugos you see a tree looming large on the ridgeline.

This tree just kinda hangs out, saying "hey, how you doin?" to you. The tree is kinda a punk is what I am saying. However, this tree, despite having several demerits on its personal record, let's you know about the third secret spot in the Verdugos, picnic nirvana!

Not many hiking trails have a primo spot to rest and munch but the Western Verdugos has such a spot which makes for a great place for some RnR.

There are plenty of other spots in the Verdugos and I encourage you to find your own but you could do far worse than these three spots.

To check out the Western Verdugos, head to Edmore in Glendale and check out this map here:


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