Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tactical Belts For Tactical Boys

I think for people deeply immersed in the outdoors space (the Outside Magazines, the Patagonia sustainability initiatives, reading the same John Muir quote for the 1,000th time) you tend to get insular in your thinking. The same companies, the same gear, just packaged differently, etc. However, there are LOTS of other outdoor pursuits that have gear worth blending into your own and considering.

For example, there is this Bushcraft movement that is bending hunting, hiking, and survival skills into what seems to be a back to basics way to enjoy the outdoors. There are also the tactical guys, led by companies like Triple Aught Design and Condor Outdoors that caters more toward the ex-miltary/police people who want tough gear to enjoy the outdoors or rough and tumble activities like airsoft.

I have found that some of this tactical gear is far superior to the traditional outdoor wear we have been conditioned to buy and today I am going to investigate whether the gear that holds up the gear (i.e., belts) is just as good.

Yea, that's a big belt. Most belts are about an inch wide but the Condor instructor belt comes in at a whopping 1.75 inches. Thankfully my TAD pants were able to accommodate the extra belt girth but that is something you should consider if you have regular non-tactical pants.

Despite its massive size, the belt fits well and comes with velcro (velcro!) which is a great improvement on regular cinching belts.

The big issue, other than size, is how does the belt do?

Well, in my uses so far, it has kept my pants up and in the end of the day, that is all you can ask for from a belt. This thing is also super duty so if you needed your belt to help you in an emergency situation, say your partner is hanging on a cliff and all you have is a belt and some moxie, THIS is the belt that you want.

The belt also works well with the rest of your gear, I had no problems with the hip buckle on my pack with this belt.

How I got hooked up with this belt was through NightGear which is based in the UK.

Usually when trying to find gear I stick to American companies or the bays. Every once in awhile I find myself going further far afield and am glad I found these guys. Despite being in the UK, the belt arrived in record time and these guys have a great selection of outdoor gear that makes checking out their UK website worth it. I am not a huge tactical guy but NG impressed me with their cross-over outdoor selection, check em out! http://www.nightgear.co.uk

The Condor belt was provided by NightGear for review purposes. I get no benefit whether you buy Condor products or shop at NetGear, its life, make your own decisions. I try to review things as honestly as possible but it is the internet, take everything with a grain of salt, thanks.


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