Thursday, January 30, 2014

Me And Wisejack, Quite The Dish!

Recently I decided to partner up with WiseJack Cooking to bring you some hard hitting takes of food on the trail. Hard takes, they will be Hard I tells ya!

Now that I am all buddy-buddy with the WJC, I wanted to let you know about an offer they are making to readers of my blog! For the next 2 weeks you can become a member of WJC for a 40% discount. Let me break it down for ya, if you wanted to get into a banging' club and it took 10 pies to buy off the bouncer at the door, now it will only take 6 pies. That is 4 pies for you, doesn't that sound delicious? Here is some more info:


If by February 8th anyone purchases either a monthly membership (normally only $5 monthly anyway) or the Combo deal of a 6-month membership plus a copy of "The Man's Cookbook" ( a $49.95 value already normally $29.95 anyway) all they have to do is enter the coupon code below when checking out to get an instant 40% savings!

Here is your coupon code:


Such an easy deal, you should definitely think about it! Pie, that is all.


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