Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hiking The Trinity Trail

On a recent jaunt to Texas I checked out some trails around Lake Lavon which is North of Dallas. The trail wends its way for 25 miles around the shore of the lake and I explored just part of it on New Years Day (what a way to kick off 2014!).

The trail is heavily used by horses

but it wasn't swimming with them or their "droppings" so you could definitely hike this trail without looking down all the time.

The trail was a true North Texas trail (i.e., flat)

but blessedly full of shade. It was also full of pine trees which confused me as I don't normally associate pine trees with Texas.

(the berries of Texas)

After tromping through the woods for awhile I came to a clearing that had access to a dry part of the lake (Lavon is a huge manmade lake but the persistent drought in Texas has caused some of it to melt away).

I followed a dirt path that was most likely made by hunters

which led to a cool marshy lake.

The wildlife and flora and fauna (which is which?) were out in abundance this day and I a kick out of just hanging out in the swampy marshes and watching nature just march on by.

The one disappointing thing of the marshes was the beer cans, spent shotgun shells and other signs of humanity were everywhere under foot.

I don't know if there are Leave No Trace principals practiced by the hunters similar to those practiced by hikers but geez at least cart out some of this stuff!

After the marshes, I tromped back to the car and then on to some great Chinese food (always a good way to end the hike). One day I hope to do more of the Trinity Trail and knock out the whole 25 miles. Definitely check it out if you are in Texas!

Check out the trail map here: http://www.trinitytrailriders.org/trail-map/


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