Thursday, December 12, 2013

Terramar Thermawool Shirt

#TerramarThursdays are back here at EWH! I got to try out a bunch of new gear and will bringing my thoughts atcha over the next few Thursdays.

First up baaaaaaaahhhh let's break out the Thermawool 100 Merino Wool shirt.

This shirt is a bad mama jam SHUT YOUR MOUTH.

Relax, I am just talking about Thermawool.

Synthetics are great and much cheaper than wool but there is something about putting on this shirt that makes you thank a higher power for sheep.

Light but tough. Thin but warm. Thermawool has you covered and I don't mean maybe. My apartment has the amazing ability to be 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperatures and while not a bad thing during Summer, can make life unpleasant in Winter even here in SoCal.

Terramar has got my sleeve and my back with this shirt, really, I couldn't be happier with this puppy. The sleeves are the right length (it seems to be a trend recently, sleeves are too long or too short on technical gear but I have always found the Terramar sleeves just right) and it is warm without overheating me.

The neck does ride a bit high but nothing that makes me uncomfortable. It will be interesting to see how this shirt does out in the field, I definitely plan to give it a workout coming up. 


I was provided this product because I am part of the Terramar Tribe. I try to review items like this as honestly as possible. Whether I liked it or not, I don't gain anything if you go out and buy these things. Its the Internet, take everything with a grain of salt and gain from it what you can. 


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