Thursday, December 5, 2013

Get Your Zerve On

When I go on my adventures, they are not haphazard (although it may read that way) but instead are planned out in advance from doing research, reading trip reports, etc. I usually go by myself or with a friend that I can rope into going with me.

However, it is clear that not everyone is like me. Some people want someone in charge, "show me the sights" and who can blame them? Sometimes I just want someone to point the way for me.

Zerve is a website that acts as a repository for guided trips throughout the US that you can access and see what trip is right for you. There is a fee to be paid for sure but if you wanted someone to show the best of Joshua Tree or to plan a tour of the Catalina outback (with picnic of course, what are we, uncivilized?) then this site gives you options. Here are some other adventures you can do in California:

This services may not be a cup of tea for everyone but I appreciate the fact that they try to bring all the guided adventure services out there into one website. The downside of researching like I do is that you are not sure if you have hit everything, are you missing something. Zerve helps narrow that gap and puts you in touch with some companies that will help you get out there and enjoy life.

That ain't so shabby is it?


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