Monday, November 18, 2013

Only You...Can Send Me To Sweden

I have entered a contest to send me to Sweden and you could win as well!

You Can Win! 

If you vote for me here

then go to this link and you are entered for gift cards!

If I get 100 votes, someone will receive a $25 REI gift card. If I get 200 votes, there is a $50 REI gift card at stake. 300 votes, well you sir or madam have $75 REI to use at your leisure. Finally over 400 votes for yours truly? $100 REI gift card. The more people vote, the more chances to win for you! Everyone wins!

Why Sweden? 

Sweden, Land of the Midnight Sun. Home of the Vikings and competitive bikini teams for some reason.

Sweden is also one of the access points to the North, the Arctic. Few people know this (especially since this blog extols the virtues of sunny and warm Southern California) but I am an Arctic fanatic. A few years ago I entered a contest which would have sent me to Baffin Island. I had no idea about Baffin before this contest but since in my mind I had already won it, I researched the hell out of it for my impending arrival.

What I found drew me into the Arctic. While I didn't win that contest, I kept up on the latest news from the North, read books about Arctic and Antarctic exploration (penguins, amirite?), and dreamt of going into the Arctic, contest or no!

Well a few short years later, here comes ANOTHER contest that will put me on a dog sled in the Arctic in Sweden. Sound crazy? Sure but it also sounds like an adventure of a lifetime. An adventure that you can help me do. All you have to do is have a Facebook account and follow this link and vote for my entry.

Pretty simple eh? If for some reason, it won't let you vote, you can go to the main site and search for my name "Peter Flanigan" (contrary to popular reports, it is not ADKinLA). 

I know you get hit up for a lot of things on the internet, buy stuff, donate to stuff, look at this cat stuff. This Swedish stuff is probably the least invasive request you encounter on the internet, please vote today! I will pet a husky for you if you do!


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