Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Oat Mountain- Conquered!

No, that isn't Oat Mountain. It was waaaay too overcast for a picture of the summit. But summit I did, after logistical mistakes made my last attempt an attempt only. You can read about the carnage here.

On a recent weekend I went back to the Simi Valley mountains, an oft neglected hiking area in LA to get my hike on. I think a lot of people might look down on a hike that is fully paved like the hike to Oat Mountain

but that looks pretty nice right?

What this hike might lack in unpaved trails, it makes up for it in elevation gain. This sucker is tough 1,800 feet in 3.5 miles, its no joke. And it was no joke for me either, I was definitely struggling on this hike no question about it. I haven't been hiking as much this second half of a year and my hiking prowess has become a bit more inconsistent. This hike was on the lower end of the ledger but I made it to the top.

Part of what spurred me on was the great weather. It was in the low 60s, cloudy and it made the landscape feel like the Scottish Highlands

I finally got to the summit and here was the "view".

Still, the fog made for some great sights, including a ghost drill.

I finally conquered Oat Mountain and while the views at the top weren't great, I am continually amazed at this area. I imagine during the Summer time its not the most pleasant but if you are in LA and it is the Winter time, definitely check this area out. 

Plus, my first panorama! 

Recapped and conquered!


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