Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Lowdown On Terramar Contests

Are you on the Facebook? The Book-of-Face? FB The Elder?

It is a place not just for seeing who has "swelled" (to use a fantastic Grosse Pointe Blank reference) before your next high school reunion but is a great place with tons of information and more importantly, access to Terramar swag!

As part of the ongoing #TerramarThursday series here at EWH, I wanted to clue all you hepcats into the fact that every Friday Terramar gives something away on it's Facebook page:

All you do is have to answer questions, some weeks it is about where you want to hike. Some weeks it is all about trivia.

You really can win, I should know, I won a few of the contests over the last few years before I became part of the Tribe so your free gear dreams can come true, just play the game!

Of course if you could care less about FB, there still might be other ways to win Terramar gear (hint hint, there might be opportunities coming up here at EWH, refresh this page hourly for the next 9 months or so just in case).


I am part of the Terramar Tribe. I try to review items like this as honestly as possible. Whether I liked it or not, I don't gain anything if you go out and buy these things. It's the Internet, take everything with a grain of salt and gain from it what you can. 


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