Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Back to the Backcountry of Griffith

What a mess I was in the morning when we "sprung ahead" with our clocks. I knew I wanted to revisit the backcountry of Griffith again (yes again, this was a rare double hike but its well worth it). Part of this mess resulted in me not taking any camera with me other than my cell phone so please excuse the crapiness of this picture essay.

I love the backcountry of Griffith Park, it gets you away from the hordes that descend on GP every weekend as most people never check out these little bumps in the backcountry.

and most people never venture onto the "summits" of these hills so you basically have them all to your own.

To reach the summits you have to follow animal use trails which can be a little steep at times but well worth it as you look out into the vastness that is LA.

Incidentally, butterflys!

They were everywhere on this previous weekend in SoCal and were bouncing around the summits in particular. They weren't the only living things making their presence known, I saw my first camera trap in SoCal as I was hiking one of the ridgelines.

(looking for large cats no doubt)

Usually how I hike this route is East to West meaning I made my way to the Hollywood sign after tromping around the ridges of the backcountry.

Yea Hollywood Sign (and such)

Visiting the Sign is great but then you have a 2-3 mile hike back to the Observatory dodging horses and looking for shade. Grumble grumble I know, it was a great day out I just wish the hike back was as interesting as the hike out. Still, can't recommend the backcountry of GP enough, definitely one of my favorite spots.

If you want a more legit writeup of my adventure, I suggest checking out this previous blog post: http://www.eastwesthike.com/2011/01/hike-8-griffith-park-backcountry.html


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