Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hiking The Debs

A little while ago I pontificated that going on small hikes in LA might surprise you. And boy was I proved right in the positive sense hiking the Ernest E. Debs Regional Park near the Eagle Rock section of Los Angeles.

I had no idea about this park before I went but I am really glad I did. There are a wide variety of trails, although they all seem to go in a figure 8 pattern. It is also highly recommended that you stay on the trails

and while there is no obvious soil erosion you probably should do what they say.

There are several branches off the main trail that you access from the Audubon Society entrance on Griffin Ave. but for the most part, they all go up and up you will go.

This is a little guy park but at the same time the park is pretty vertical. If you stick on the main trails you will build up a little sweat but nothing too bad. However, there are some kayak trails that go straight up the hill at a 50 degree angle and you might have to be a little pyscho to go on those.

Since I didn't know where I was going I stuck to the main trail but there are all these little other trails that are clearly marked.

As you go up, the views of the rest of the park come into focus

and as you go further up, views of the surrounding LA cityscape.

For the first part of the hike you get the distinct sense you are in the city as you hear the freeways buzz but as you get further up, it gets surprisingly quiet and serene.

When you get up to the first "summit" of the park you see pockets of trees and could it be? Fall?

And aside from that, are those pine trees? A quick tromp confirms, there are lots of pine trees in a little pocket of the park, in LA!

I then decided to go up another hill (doesn't any trail in this park go down?) which seems to be the final plateau in the park.

I was pressed for time so I didn't get a chance to explore the entire park but unlike many parks/trails I visit, I want to do this one again.

(where do you lead trail?)

Overall, this park is a winner, there is some variety in the trails and much variety when it comes to trees, views and birds. If you have a few hours and don't want to leave LA, check this one out!

Here is a great little trail map:


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