Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hiking Heidelberg Park

I had some time to kill in the Eagle Rock section of Los Angeles the other day and decided to find one of the weirdo hikes that inhabit the area (much like my amble in Elyria Canyon). I came across a piece of property owned by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy but much, much west of the Santa Monica Mountains and decided to check it out.

The Google Maps address for the park is 800 Moon Avenue which is were this signed was photo'd but there is no actual entrance to the park. Later on, I found some stairs leading down into the park but you have to have eagle eyes to see em.

The seeming access is at the end of 49th Terrace with stone steps leading up into the brush.

I decline to say "trail" as there are footpaths around in the park but they are so overgrown you are basically tromping around in the brush.

Here are some examples of the "trail"

The park was allegedly conserved due to the prevalence of black walnut trees and while I am no tree expert it seems like there are a bunch of them around the place.

You do a "choose your own adventure" style of following the trails up the slope and up you go, it is basically straight up the hill. You eventually get to the top which does afford you really nice views of the mountains in the far distance.

There are also cactus gardens if you are into that type of thing

and some nice flowers along the way.

However, you are still reminded of the presence of humans throughout.

It will be a cold day in LA before I recommend this hike but this hike is emblematic of the hiking surprises this town has. Despite the huge urban sprawl, there are pockets of green and hills to climb even in the most concrete of environments. LA will surprise you.


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