Monday, October 17, 2011

Wildwood Canyon Pt 1

So the girl had something to do in Burbank and I had an hour to kill so of course I am like, "well let's see where I can hike"! I wandered and wandered and wandered until I eventually came to Wildwood Canyon Park in Burbank.

The parking lots were nice and shaded

 and I was just poking around until I found the park map which showed that each segment of the trail is around 1/3 of a mile. 1/3 of a mile each and 40 minutes to kill? Let's hit the trail!

There are 3 access points in the park which basically lead to a ridgeline. I randomly chose the hardest trail up but all of them will burn your legs. While it might only a 1/3 of a mile on any trail, this will get you huffing and puffing.

I got to the top of the ridgeline and started wandering about.

 The trail leads north or south but north, well north leads to the mountains! I was going to get up to the ridgeline but was running out of time. Plus I didn't have my water or any sungear (although had my trailrunners) so I thought best to just stick to the ridgeline. There is a nice little "summit" in the Canyon although I wasn't the first to summit that day

There is a small kayak trail leading off the summit which will get your heart pumping again because it is basically a backbone trail with little grip. No one takes the trail except maybe mountain lions (I found a paw print, although it could've been a dog's but let's say mountain lion). 

The views there are pretty striking and it got me really jazzed up to hike that part of the Verdugos

This is part 1 after all because now I am going to hike to the high ridgeline

and really hike this baby. Wildwood Canyon is pretty and actually challenging and a good little workout.

Random outdoor surprise of the day, part 2, I found myself in Thousand Oaks and stopped by the National Park Visitor Center. It was a place I really wanted to go to for awhile thus confirming my outdoor nerd status.
Further confirming that status is this picture.

So overall a great day of outdoors fun and I got these two pics out of the deal as well!

If you are interested in hiking Wildwood, check out this this great map of the park and the Verdugos:


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