Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Hikes!

Halloween is my favorite "holiday". There is nothing quite like it, the oranges, black and browns. The candy. The scary movies we have all seen a 1,000 times by now. There is a familiarity and and edge to it that is great.

And I love going on Halloween hikes. One of the first hikes I did with my better half was a spooky, mist-filled hike on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware Water Gap. There was multi-colored leaves on the ground and a crispness that you only get in the Northeast.

Of course, I would love to go on a Halloween hike here in SoCal. This weekend I have a long, trying hike planned (oh the horror!) but nothing Halloween specific. Still, if you are in the Halloween and Outdoorsy mood, I have compiled some hikes you can go on:

1) Corralitas Red Car Property:

A buddy and LAist clued me in to this hike.Apparently there is a trail that goes through a decommissioned train yard around Silverlake that is very spooky. From some pictures from this website, it looks very remote and abandoned. Something that will really get your heart pumping other than the elevation gain.

2) State Park Scariness:

If the budget cuts to California state parks weren't scary enough, the parks are hosting some great Ghost tours in the state parks (yes I capitalize Ghost, deal with it). San Diego-ians seem to luck out as Cal Parks is doing a Ghost trail around SD so you get a nice workout and some great stories.

3) Mt. Madonna State Park:

Ok so this is more San Jose than SoCal but it deserves a mention. There are tons of ruins there and apparently tragic circumstances that leads to Ghosts! This sounds like definitely a hike to do one of these years with the headlamp.

4) El Camino Del Ray

What would a scary hiking blog be without a callback to the infamous El Camino Del Ray. While not in California, this thing is nuts, N-V-T-S nuts! Forgive me if I NEVER go on this thing.

Happy Halloween Everyone!


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