Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Inspiration Thy Name Is

Erik Weihenmayer

I had heard about Erik on the outdoor blogosphere about his blind ascent of Everest. And when I mean blind ascent, I mean, literally blind.

The guy is 1 of a 100+ people that have summit-ted the highest peaks on all 7 continents and he did it without his sight. 

Of course, how I became really aware of him is stupid reality TV. ABC has this half-way decent show on called Expedition Impossible that has Erik paired with his long time hiking partner Jeff Evans as well as a military teammate Ike who is currently serving in Afghanistan.

Team No Limits (as Erik's team is called) is currently holding steady between 4th and 6th through the first few events. To say that I have a rooting interest in this team is an understatement. All the members look fit and I would love to have the team, with one small handicap come up and take out the other teams.

While there are several "reality TV" moments (people saying the same thing over and over at the checkpoints, the lead ins off of commercial recapping what we have already seen, etc.) the show is very entertaining.

I don't know much about adventure racing but apparently its a decent sub-sect of the outdoor community. There is a race coming up in Chile, Canada's Northwest and elsewhere and it looks like you have to be fit and know what you are doing in the outdoors in order to make it happen. While Expedition Impossible is not quite this, it is close and I would love to see some true outdoorsmen (not just people with good stories) take this thing. So Erik, get on with your bad self and win it!!!


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