Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Peakery Contest!

If you know me, the r-e-e-l me, then you know I love contests. Contests, contests, contests. Free gear, sign me up. A hat on my noggin, how many can I win? I also have been doing pretty well at them recently although I have been always shut out of the really cool stuff (i.e., packs!).

Now, one of the best hiking-related sites on the Internet is doing a great contest to get you the free schwag. All you have to do is sign up for their site, "bag" a peak and you are entered into the contest. Do it between July 1 and the 31st and you might be well on your way to:

A GoLite pack!

or some sort of highfalootin backcountry kit.....

or a helmet to look cool on the mountain or like an extra in Rollerball.

So, basically go to Peakery (and why aren't you on there to begin with???) sign up and bag a peak and maybe some schwag. I don't often recommend websites but when I do, I recommend Peakery. Stay thirsty my friends.


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