Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I went up to the Monterey area to cheer on my mates as they ran the Big Sur marathon. I have been hearing ever since I came out to Cali about how beautiful the Big Sur area was. I was excited for my friends to race but also for me to get out and about and get some quality hiking in.

I had targeted Limekiln State Park because it had relatively short hikes (with a 6 hour drive back to LA, the emphasis was on "short"). Double bonus was a hike through redwoods. I have never seen redwoods (unless you count the red wood in a Red Robin) so color me excited.

Well, events conspired against me. First, the PCH was closed the length of the marathon with no real workaround. Even if I found a road South, there were numerous landslides reported South of Limekiln and most depressingly, near or at the park itself.

So, in a fit of desperation, I searched around for a hill to hike and found Devil Hill. Me and the mates jumped in the car, ready to scale the heights.

The mountain is listed on Mountain Zone and when you got to it, there were signs from Monterey County department talking about the trails.

See that sign? Park, dark, Mo.Co. All of this seems fairly straightforward. You can even make out the trail behind...that padlocked fence?

And what is that on the side? Barbed wire, seems inviting. I know, maybe I can just park and find a way around to...

Oh wait, "No Parking" signs everywhere with MORE barbed wire. I don't know how Monterey County runs their trails but having barbed wire, no parking and gated access to clearly marked trails does not scream friendly to me. Much like there are tons of apps about trails, there should be apps to tell you what are inaccessible trails.



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