Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hiking For Good

I have become enamored by the Pacific Crest Trail and am eager to start planning and get out there one of these months. There are two guys starting on the trail with more than just aspirations of hiking, enjoying nature and not showering.

They are on the trail not only for themselves but others.

The first is SoCal's own (but not for long) Kolby Kirk, The Hike Guy. Kolby decided to turn lemons into lemonade and is hiking the PCT to a new life in the Pacific Northwest. While we will miss him here in SoCal, you can follow his adventures (and podcasts, on the trail? what an age we live in!) at his PCT Blog.

Kolby isn't just doing it for himself and his new life. His is also hiking to help donation for the great program Soles For Souls. Go to the donation page and help him out.

The second hiker is someone I just found out about on the Twitterverse. Mitch Ouellette's mother has MS. He and a few buddies in Canada decided to hike the PCT this year to help raise money for MS treatments. When they were doing a fundraiser in Canada, someone stole Mitch's pack from the back of his car making it highly unlikely he will have the gear to do the trek with his friends.

The story was first reported here. There is a FB page for Mitch and as of an hour ago, they are planning to set up a fund to replace the gear that was stolen. Email Mitch at for more information.

Of course, I want the hikers on the trail and live vicariously through their experiences but even more, I want them on the trail because them being out there helps people. I hope you take the time to go visit their pages and donate what you can.


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