Monday, March 21, 2011

Outdoor Groups

 So, say you are feeling socially inclined and you want to get your outdoor groove on with bipeds. What to do you do, where do you, who do you hang with?

Don't worry kiddies, Uncle ADKinLA is here to help you navigate these treacherous social waters.


The old standby. The vanguard of the environmental movement. Possibly annoying. Whatever you think of TSC, it offers many groups to join in SoCal and possible hiking groups to join. In LA, there is West LA, Central and Verdugo Hills.They seem to really segregate the membership based on where you live but if you are looking for a hiking group, go West young man. The West seems to have a lot of hikes including a weekly Parker Mesa hike and hikes to many other interesting spots.

Central has a non-existent website. Verdugo seems to offer a bunch of camping trips:

Overall, hit the West-si-edee for your social hiking pleasure.


You want to plant some trees? You want to work in the Angeles and Santa Monica mountains? Boy do I have the group for you. These guys are serious about trees and they go to some great outdoor meccas so get involved and get your tree on.


Do you think you can handle the OC? Do you call it the OC because all you have seen is Laguna Beach and Real Housewives of Orange County? Well, believe it or not, there are some seriously cool hikes in the OC and this group will get you out and about:

And, as their website says, "hike organizers are normal people like you". Whew, glad to hear that! :P


These cats go everywhere in SoCal. Many places from Joshua Tree to weirdo places like Bubbs Creek and providing nature series about wildlife. I haven't gone on any of their hikes but they seem like they get out and about, check em.

I am sure there are many, many more groups out there. Tell me about em in the comments!


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