Sunday, December 19, 2010

SoCal Holidays

Don't ask me why I love these pictures, I just do. For reference, it is a leopard at the LA Zoo who was given "Christmas gifts". It is kinda outdoorsy right?

Well I figure I would scour the Internet for some SoCal related holiday activities and gifts for your viewing pleasure. I am also lazy at the moment so consider this the "clip show" portion of the blog until I start writing about some further adventures around SoCal. Of course, the rain has to stop at some point so I can get out and hike!

Holiday Gift One:

Nobody Hikes in LA right? Nobody walks here either. I actually had a coworker describe a four block walk as "soooo far". One man has decided to take on this cliche though through his great blog and has written a book with the LA hiker in mind. I highly suggest checking it out.

Find out about the book here.

Holiday Hike:

Oh, how I have gone back and forth on you. You started off free, then you charged, now apparently you do not. And true to form on the Internet, I am back for the free! I have been tracking/going on several hikes with Meetup Groups around the SoCal area. One such group is the Los Angeles Hiking Meetup Group (pretty much tells you all you need to know in the title eh?). They are doing what can only be described as a masochistic hike on January 1st at 10am. If you can actually get up at that time in the morning, here are the details:

January 1st Hike

Holiday Gift Two:

I love the blog Modern Hiker. If you haven't checked him out, you really should. He has links to great trail boosk of the San Gabriels and many other hikes which you should definitely check out.


Holiday Hike Two:

Oh Big Bear Lake. I have written about my love of this area (including Lake Arrowhead, I ain't forgot about you) before. Well someone out there is putting together a hike on the 27th. I suggest checking out the details


Okay everyone, thanks for indulging my clip show of holiday hiking related hi-jinks (try saying that 3 times fast!). Merry Christmas and I will write soon!


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