Thursday, December 16, 2010

Big Sur Dreamin

Boy, mention Big Sur around these parts of LA and people's eyes light up. They also say "ohhhh Big Sur, HAVE to go there!". My buddies are planning a possible get together to do a race there next year and while I have no interest in running (unless its to an In-n-Out ba dum dum!), I am interested in exploring up there, especially given everyone's natural reactions to the area.

What makes it so special?

Well, I have to admit, the images that are coming up on Google Image Search and pretty damn amazing. Huge cliffs, huge swells and very rugged scenery. However, readers of this blog know aside from the scenery (especially given how I trashed my camera recently and now avert my eyes from beautiful scenery), what about the hiking and camping options around there?

Well there seems to be plenty of options from tenting to cabins. There are even celebrities that wax poetic about the campgrounds at Big Sur. Oh Christine, why did you have to break up with Billy?

It seems a lot of campsites in California have these tent cabins which like Britney, is not quite a girl, not quite a woman (is it a tent, a cabin?).

I am not sure what to think of these things. I mean you are off the ground, which is nice and you have walls and it is cheaper than a cabin but these things look pretty flimsy to me. Anyone ever actually use one? Is it worth even the small amount of money you pay for them? Small being relative of course. This one at the Fernwood campground at Big Sur goes for $60 a night and I have seen ones at Yosemite go for much, much more.

Still, there are camping/tenting options. How 'bout them hikes? According to Coastal California (the indispensable book my cousin has lent me and I am being VERY remiss about returning) she recommends trails like the Valley View Trail and Skinner Ridge Trail as well as the book Hiking The Big Sur Country, which I am definitely picking up if I go up there.

So, in conclusion, it looks like there are some really cool outdoor activities one can do in and around Big Sur. If anyone has any tips, let me know! We are thinking about a March jaunt and the planning starts now. It is no SoCal :P but it looks great!


  1. Favorite Big Sur backcountry hike is to Ventana Double Cones.

    Day hike - Garrapata Creek.

    Close to Carmel is Point Lobos - phenomenal oceanside trails.


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