Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and Why So Far?

Happy Turkey Day to everyone whether on the trail or in a car or at the beach or, in the case of the East Coast, around the dinner table, enjoying some turkey right about now!

So I have continued to research hikes in and around SoCal but I am finding more and more that really cool hiking (at least of the coastal variety- I am not even touching the desert stuff yet) is all super North. North Pole, North if you will. All the books and the online site, it starts with Big Sur and only goes further North from there.

I subscribe to Backpacker Mag emails and today I get a rainy hike in CA email. Being a Northeastern who is on a first name basis with rain, I eagerly clicked the link for Mill Creek CA. Where is Mill Creek you might ask? Basically 5,000 miles NORTH of San Francisco!

I can't even imagine traveling to San Fran at the moment much less traveling North of it to go on a 5 mile hike! I think what they should do (and I have thought long and hard about this) is transplant about 25,000 redwood trees to, oh, about Silverlake and let me hike around in them for 20 or so years.

This would reduce my carbon footprint of actually getting to these NoCal hikes and would help increase my laziness (which is in sore need of an upgrade, I have been WAAAAY too productive recently). Really, at the end of the day it is all about my needs and desires and I what I need/desire is to stumble out of my apartment into some redwoods and ferns. This will probably happen right around the time that subway to the beach happens here in SoCal.

Happy Turkey Day everyone!


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