Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Day In LA And Already Planning

So I am flying to Los Angeles (and getting in a 1/2 hour early, what is up with that?) and while getting ready to land, I look out the window and what do I see but this beautiful little mountain community with a lake and pine trees just hanging out, waiting to invite me. "What is THAT place?" I mused to myself.

The answer came via google today- Lake Arrowhead. About an hour and half East of LA it is a beautiful little community and looks great. Slightly to the East of Lake Arrowhead is Big Bear Lake which apparently has quite the film history:

So now that I am here in sunny LA (it is so weird it is almost in the 80s and I was huddled underneath fleece blankets two days ago) my thoughts are turning to the mountains.

My cousin said it is nice up there but to get there you have to do some real cliffside mountain driving. I have never really gone far North on the PCH so I don't have a lot experience setting my teeth on edge but it might be worth the trip. Thoughts?


  1. Hey, it's Adregion from The Forum.

    I'm slightly jealous that you get to explore such an awesome place. So much. Santa Barbara and backcountry is pretty awesome. Same with Monterey and Big Sur.

    Then there's the desert and Sierras.......

  2. Adregion- thanks for the comments and the suggestions, I can't wait to check them out!


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