Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Dreaming Big, Starting Small

Soooooo I have been off the trail for awhile. Life just gets in the way, other passions come to the fore, etc. I have a lot of excuses and other things to go but the mountains still call to me. I have a few hiking goals I have been kicking around that I want to share in an effort to re-motivate me for actually trying to accomplish them.

Of course, you probably all know by now that I want to see K2 in person. http://www.eastwesthike.com/2017/11/k2-calling-post-1.html

I still dream of K2 and it is out there, taunting me. Given the realties of work and life, I don't think I can do the 20 day trek to the base but there are plenty of 5-10 day hikes to viewpoints in Pakistan and I am researching like crazy.

Next up is the Lost Coast trail in Cali. This used to be the most under the radar trail out there but there has been a lot of pub in recent years although still not that many hikes. My buddy Jeff has put together a great overview of the trail which I am going to study with abandon:


Last but not least is a trek that I read about a long time ago in Backpacker magazine through the Goat Rocks wilderness. Having spent some time recently in Seattle, I have become absolutely entranced by Mt. Rainier and I want to spend as much time as possible around that mountain and the Goat Rocks is as pretty as they come.

All of these treks are, well, treks and require me building back up my trail legs. I am starting small. First up a few mile roundtrip hike in the high desert. After that, a few more hikes of longer duration (as long as the SoCal wildfires calm down). With the weather in SoCal cooling down, I am getting onto the trail more and getting back into it.

Be on the lookout for more content coming about hikes, gear and more!


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