Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Arc'Teryx Virtual Backcountry Experience

Arc'Teryx is one of the leading outdoor companies making some of the most technically advanced gear out there. They make a ton of great gear that lasts a long time and checks a lot of boxes, not the least of which is the Proton LT Hoodie which is something that I would suffer through 3 hours of Mall Santa to ask for.

The company is from Canada and they aren't about to forget their Canadian roots any time soon as they have partnered with Hello BC for a killer VR experience, which I got to recently check out at their store in Los Angeles.

The cool thing about VR/Virtual Reality is that it takes you to wherever the camera is in a way 2 dimensional filmmaking can't. Arc'Teryx's film "Hut Magic" takes you into the backcountry of British Columbia to ski and explore incredible terrains and even puts you close to a crevasse where you can stare into the abyss, look up at the ice or wherever you want.

The VR experience is only 6 minutes long but it gets you really excited to get hutting in British Columbia and Arc'Teryx also arranged for a rep from Backcountry Lodges of BC to fill me in on what the deal is.

These lodges look like top of the line places to stay but are so remote, most either require a helicopter to get to them or an extremely long trek into the mountains. I have never heli- anything and I can only imagine how rugged the terrain is to getting to these lodges but once you are there, man you can just chill out and hike or ski to your heart's content.

As if the food and killer photos of the BC backcountry weren't enough, Arc'Teryx laid out a true BC spread with fondue, sliders and some sour beer from Dry River Brewing. The La Brea staff was so nice and accommodating, I want to go back just to hang out with them!

This was a cool event and if you live in Los Angeles or near a participating Arc'Teryx store, you should definitely check out the VR experience. It is kinda trippy to go from 72 and sunny to powder and crevasses but it is definitely worth checking out. Now I am off to make sure my passport is in order to get up to British Columbia, eh!

For more info on Arc'Teryx check out the link:


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