Tuesday, July 7, 2015

EWH Visits Seattle

I have lived in cities for most of my adult life and have been going outdoors to the mountains that surround those cities but I have yet to experience a city that is so integrated with those mountains and streams!

Of course, you can't HELP but be reminded of the mountains with Mt Rainier looming over everything. Look up there is a jagged white hulk looming over the South. It is so jaw dropping I am surprised Seattle-ites don't have more jaw problems.

Of course, its not just about downtown Seattle, mere minutes to the East there are the Cascades and so many mountains you can shake a stick at them.

Aside from the mountains, Puget Sound is everywhere. Much like San Fran, the sense of water is everywhere with many bridges and boats.

Seattle is so far North that during the summertime the light stays for hours and hours after its bedtime and gets up really early. It might screw up your circadian rhythm but its worth it for shots like this.

Overall I loved Seattle. Loved the vibe, loved the weather (well at least in the Summer) and loved how much it was a part of the outdoors. Get yo'self to Seattle!


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