Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Support the 52 Hike Challenge

A couple of years ago I got a notion in my head. What if I hike 366 trail miles in a year, basically one trail mile a day? Could I do it, why do it? These were all questions that I dealt with all year until finally in December, that lovely odometer rolled across and I made it!

So of course, when I found out about the 52 Hike Challenge, I had to promote it here on the site. As you can image, the goal of the 52 Week Challenge is to hike 52 times in 52 weeks.

Yes the mountains are beautiful and the air is fresh but if that doesn't get you off the couch you need other ways. There is something about lists and goals that help motivate people to get out there. The filmmakers of 52 Hike Challenge want to document that experience and bring another take to the outdoor space.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign and donate if you can to help getting a great documentary out there and hopefully inspiring more people to get outdoors!

For more info on the campaign, check out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1196406193/52-hike-challenge-documentary


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