Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Help Support A Great Cause

Have you ever gone on a major journey? I don't mean a 3 day weekend but a 3 Thousand Mile journey. Specifically a 3,800 journey by bike, across the US?

I personally can't imagine how daunting that would feel at the very beginning. You have all of those miles, you have the uncertainty of roads, food, cars, how do you handle it all?

Well if you are my cousin Anne, you get the job done. I met Anne at the start of her journey here in Los Angeles a few months ago and ever since then she has been pedaling her way across the country. She has faced crazy elevation gains and has also cruised through 90+ mile days.

I think after awhile, you get your bike legs under you and the ground starts to fly. I have heard tell of people doing the PCT and Appalachian Trail speak of similar moments, where their body clicks in and they start making some serious miles.

Of course, what also might be helping spur Anne on is that she is riding for a great cause, specifically:

Alzheimer's is a prevalent disease among our elderly population and we certainly need to help the afflicted. If you don't know someone affected by this disease, just think of it this way. We all are going to get old some day and we definitely need to put in the time and the money to try and cure this disease.

Anne is doing an amazing thing riding across the country to help raise awareness about this disease and you can do a great thing by helping to donate to this cause. The link is below, please help out if you can!

By the way, Anne is currently past Mississippi and well on her way to the East Coast!

Here is the link to help donate: http://act.alz.org/site/TR/ActiveEvents/NY-NortheasternNewYork?team_id=255023&pg=team&fr_id=4620


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