Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Reviewing the Buff Bandana via Webtogs!

Buff came to the public consciousness a long time ago thanks to a little show called "Survivor".  It is a bandana PLUS, meaning you can use it as a bandana, neck warmer, head cover-er, bug repeller, etc. There are a myriad of uses for the Buff.

I had various versions of the Buff over the last few years but due to a recent move, I was Buff-less (Buff-aloed if you will). I received the new Buff ("original") and I am happy to report its even better than ever!

(look at how happy I am)

The Buff kept my neck cool on a warm-ish day in SoCal, kept the sun off with its great UPF rating and while I was wearing a hat, the Buff would have made a nice one hat had my other one blown off my head (a distinct possibility in the Antelope Valley).

It also looks cool on the trail:

(strike a pose, there's nothing to it, vogue, vogue)

You really can't go wrong with a Buff and the one I received through Webtogs was great on the trail!

Webtogs is an online outdoor retailer from the UK. This website is AMAZING, so much gear and even though it is in the UK my Buff got to me super fast.  I have no hesitancy ordering outdoor gear from a website which is geared toward customary service, check em out: https://www.webtogs.com/en-UK/ 


I was provided this Buff by Webtogs for review purposes and it is up to you whether to shop at Webtogs or not. I get no compensation if you do and its the internet, take everything with a grain of salt and learn what you can from it.


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