Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hiking Kagel Mountain

In today's modern age of hiking, it is tough finding mountains and hikes that haven't been blogged about extensively by other people. I would like to think you have a good mix here on EWH, some well known trails and also some lesser known ones have floated up in a bottle on my blog-shores over the last few years.

One of my recent lesser-known favorites has to be Kagel Mountain, accessible in the Little Tujunga Canyon section of the Angeles National Forest. Its not an incredibly taxing hike, 6.2 miles roundtrip, 1,000 elevation gain on a fireroad but the views are stunning and you basically have this hike to yourself (always a bonus).

The trailhead picks up at the Dillon Divide on LTC and climbs steadily making its way through the mountains.

The real beauty of this trail is not the trail itself but the surrounding mountain ranges. It kinda feels like this trail is a marshmallow and the surrounding peaks are knives, but I love me s'mores so its rather fitting.

Eventually the trail gains the ridgeline and you are off to the summit of Kagel. One of the interesting things about this mountain is that it is used for launching yourself into the air with a hang glider.   On the summit there were plenty of weird hang glider-y things to greet us:

Of course, the views of nature aren't so bad as well once you are up there:

Overall this is really a bang for your buck type of hike, not too bad going up, killer views once you are up there and maybe some crazy people jumping off of mountains if you are lucky.

Want to know more about Kagel Mountain? Check out Peakery here: http://peakery.com/kagel-mountain-california/


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